Keeping Animals in Zoos Is Not Justifiable

Generally, human psychology is against cruelty to the outer world, be it other people, nature, or animals. But what if this cruelty is necessary to avoid even bigger injustice? This question is the basis for many hot confrontations about the animals confined in zoos all over the world.

There are always two sides of a coin. Animals in zoos’ captivity is not an exception here. On the one hand, zoos protect animals, save them from extinction, and allow people to learn more about the dangers animals face or even engage in protection and preservation campaigns. But this is the human point of view. What do animals feel, on the other hand? Who knows best?

Topical studies show evidence that almost all animals suffer being captivated in zoo cells. They become depressed, forget their natural habits, avoid learning skills necessary for their survival. Many of them can’t breed in captivity and become dangerous to visitors or other animals around them. It is not justifiable to manipulate genetics and behavior of animals. Although many captives die, new born animals are a reason to be proud for any zoo administration. But these babies lack the natural skills they would’ve honed in the wilderness. Without this acquired behavior they have no chance of survival outside the cells.

What do you think? Do people know what is best for our little furry friends?